Living under the shadow of Camp Randall for four years does something to a man. It drives him crazy, makes him passionate, and creates a full-blown Camp Randall Crazy out of him. Over the past few years we’ve had the distinct pleasure of watching, breathing, and living everything about the team that calls The Camp home. From 11-1 seasons to knocking off number 1’s and Rose Bowl births, we’ve been there for it all. So here at The Red Zone, we plan to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of everything Cardinal and White.  Recruiting, game previews, and analysis, if it deals with the success of the Bullies of the Big Ten, you can find it here. Enjoy.


Sam Oleson

Just four short years ago, I came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison with two goals: graduate with a degree in journalism and watch the Badgers play in the Rose Bowl. Check and…check. Although both Badger basketball and hockey have crept their way into my heart, I’m a football nut through and through. Over the past few years, I’ve written for one of the UW’s two student newspapers, The Badger Herald, the UW’s alumni magazine, On Wisconsin, and covered the Wisconsin football team for Bleacherreport.com. Simply, I bleed cardinal and white. Currently, I’m a sports reporter for The Chippewa Herald, but I still love writing about the Badgers in my spare time.  Like many Wisconsinites, Badger football is an emotional subject for me. As an alum, a journalist and a Badger enthusiast, I hope to bring something to the table different from the typical blogger when it comes to Wisconsin football. An insider’s point of view combined with a ‘1-0’ attitude in every post will contribute in making The Red Zone unlike any other college football blog out there. On Wisconsin.

Mitch Larson

I grew up idolizing Dayne, I learned to love Alvarez, and I grew to expect Rose Bowls. I dreamed of one day attending the University of Wisconsin and today, I’m proud to say I’ve done that. UW gave me two things: a degree in communication and the best damn four years of college football a Badger fanatic could ask for. From shutting down Kinnick to watching Gilreath stun OSU to descending upon Pasadena, my senior year was nothing short of spectacular. As a fan molded by the history, legacy, and promise of this team, a team currently on the cusp of B1G and national prominence, I can only hope to bring The Red Zone the best coverage possible. While I may no longer frequent Section P, you can bet I’ll bring The Red Zone the same type of energy and intensity as I do Camp Randall on game day. U Rah.


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